Keyword Tools

While meta tags are slightly less important than they used to be, finding great keywords is still as important because they can be used in the body of the page, in the text ad title/description and in your local listings and other directories. Continuity is important here. You don’t want to stuff too many keywords on a page but you can capitalize on those terms if they are used the appropriate amount of times on page, in ads, in listings and as anchor text. (Explain more later!)

Here are some free keyword research tools. You’ll want to put in what terms you think are important and/or the URL of the site.

Of course there is Google Keyword Planner which is available through this link and also on the Google Ads platform.

Other great keyword tools – some that deal with what ranks where, etc. They are fun to explore.

(moz is a great tool with a 30 day trial)

( love this one!)

Once you have registered with Google Console, there are some great resources for reporting on what keywords are bringing what traffic to your site as well as suggesting keywords.

There are so many more keyword finders out there. There is a magic number of keywords that should appear in the meta tags and the body. And, there are terms that are different just because they add on words, For example, “wood” “wood dowels” and “custom wood dowels” are three different terms.

So, it’s really important to do your research. Or, hire us! J

That’s it for now – More to follow!