social media frequency

Lesson One on Social Media Marketing: Getting Familiar

We all know that social media is key to creating brand awareness, visitors and conversions. What we don’t always know is how to go about it. In this lesson, I’m going to discuss familiarity. If you notice your successful competition, you’ll see that they appear frequently in social media channels. How do you know? Because they are around enough to know that they are your competition. I know one graphic designer/marketer who I actually considered collaborating with who posted regularly and had a nice size following on Facebook and YouTube. Trouble was… she started getting too personal. We learned about her cat, her experience at drive-throughs and her personal love life. That’s not what I”m talking about. I’m talking about creating a space where your name gets out – but not personally. It’s key to post on sites where you have joined for business owners or even local community groups. I’m a member of local moms groups and small business sites near home. I’m also a member of various small business sites in the US and UK. If it’s a business site, or related, it’s great to post your business but also to help people. “How do I get more followers on instagram?” Go ahead and use your expertise and advise for free. That kind of action lets people know you know what you are talking about. Without coming right out and grabbing customers by promoting your business, you are showing that your business and your ideas are valuable. This is applicable through most social media channels. Facebook for sure – but remember your target. Facebook users are generally middle-age. LinkedIn is fabulous for all professionals in all ages. Instagram, for younger populations. So, you get the idea. More to follow in our next lesson!
Thanks – have a lovely day!