Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the thing these days. I know my daughter waits in anticipation every month for her Sephora subscription box which comes packed, in my opinion, with really valuable items (usually samples). One thing to think about if you are interested in creating your own, is the box itself.

Things to keep in mind are:

1. Does the box itself reflect your company and/or personal brand?
Your package is the first brand impression for subscribers. Branding refers to your colors, logo, etc. You want to make people notice it’s your company’s product.

2. What is the theme of the box month to month?
Some companies have different themes each month or quarter and the box can reflect that. To highlight a beautiful, functional product, your packaging should complement and add value to your product. “Unboxing” is a big part of the joy of getting the goods!

3. Personalization
Personalized touches like silk screening, embossing, laser engraving and more help to make your unique subscription box stand out. There are options for hardware and customization that includes acrylic/glass, inserts, handles and more. Remember to think about how the box will look and feel to the person that receives it.

4. Logistics
Do you package beauty and health products? Exercise equipment? Clothing? Consider the size of the box to house your items. Would you prefer a slide top box? Hinged top box?

Think of the size of the box considering shipping costs. Which species do you like (color, feel)? When do you need to order? When do you need to set up a regular schedule for production?

Careful planning will show your clientele that you have a valuable product and you will be proud of the results, people will talk about you and word-of-mouth advertising will pay off.

If you are looking for someone to design high-quality boxes that are a perfect fit, give us a call and a specialist will customize a solution for you. We work closely with H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. for box production.